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...because there is no greater opportunity to change the world than to teach.

Marian University's innovative new Educators College is making headlines.
Our new "residency" format will take teacher preparation to a new level.

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Since our founding as a teachers college nearly 80 years ago, Marian University has been developing leaders in education.

Mother Theresa Hackelmeier knew strategically the best thing she could do was put great teachers in classrooms, and that is where she focused her energy, because she knew that was transformational.

And Marian University has strived for nothing less than transformational ever since.  From the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine and championship-winning football teams to the Educators College, this latest inspired vision is well on its way to affecting the kind of change that makes the world a better place. So, by all means, bring your passion and drive HERE to join our mission to be a national model of excellence in the preparation and development of transformational teachers and innovative school leaders.


We are called to this work from our very inception and we are called now to make a change, to go from good to great, because every kid—regardless of zip code—deserves a great teacher every day, every class.”

Daniel Elsener, Marian University president (and former high school teacher)

Marian's New Educators College on Inside Indiana Business

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Why now? 

Marian University has graduated great teachers for years, but the principals keep calling for more. And we want to do more. So, naturally, we followed the pattern from our previous successes of providing effective solutions by addressing real and important issues. We did our homework. We talked to our partner schools and other high-performing schools nationwide to find out how to develop even stronger teachers and school leaders who are better equipped to solve, lead, and inspire a nation of elementary, middle school, and secondary students who face the increasingly difficult challenges of our times.

Gina Kuntz Fleming

Marian University has been critical in helping us build a pipeline in our Catholic schools toward both leadership and classroom teaching positions. They continue to work with us to see what our needs are and to help bring their teachers into our classrooms in new and different ways.”

Gina Kuntz Fleming, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Educator College Solutions 

We asked. We listened. Through a program including a revolutionary one year student-teaching residency, access to highly effective teachers throughout the world and a supportive and attentive force of staff and faculty, and scholarships, the Educators College will deliver by graduating teachers who are:

  • Highly proficient in their content areas—especially in high need areas such as special education, mathematics, biology, and chemistry, English as a second language
  • Experienced in classroom delivery and management
  • Superior at relationship-building with students of all backgrounds and needs
  • Values-oriented, passionate leaders who are proud to be called to teach

Teachers are just as important as doctors or any other professional. So we choose to make their preparation worthy of this most worthy profession. Calling the bright, passionate, and creative HERE. 


We spend many, many hours and resources trying to train our teachers. We want them coming out of the gate the very first day knowing the curriculum, knowing the different technologies and different modalities on how to teach our kids. From day one it is important that we have them ready to go.”

Dr. Paul Kaiser, Superintendent of Beech Grove City Schools, Indiana

Why The Educators College at Marian University?

  • Exceptional career and graduate school placement
  • Classroom experience in the first year with at least one practicum per semester
  • International education opportunities
  • Nationally recognized and accredited with NCATE
  • Reciprocity of license with other states

We have a tradition of excellence in preparing future educators and professionals. We focus on a holistic approach to education centering on each student’s unique learning profile. Our approach to teacher education is transforming schools throughout the United States. If you are interested in becoming a transformational teacher-leader, contact us today!


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